Envision High

Transforming “Can I?” to “I can!”

We all get those jitters, weak knees when you stand before a crowd to perform, sweaty palms when you’re writing a test or light headed feelings just before an interview. Feeling nervous is the body’s response to prepare for danger. There is a surge of adrenaline and cortisol that kicks off the fight-or-flight response. The adrenaline causes sweating and a pounding heart, the cortisol shuts down the digestive and renal system, making you nauseous and induce thesensation of urination.

What makes us nervous is usually things that we are scared of and things that are important to us, like an important test or an interview. Conquering and harnessing this energy is key to determine the outcome of the situation.

Physical and mental conditioning is a tried and tested way to overcome these fears. The age at which you are conditioned for these situations is also critical. Starting at a young age when the feelings of embarrassment and fear aren’t developed can help you master yourself. Cognitive behavioural conditioning is the process of mastering your own emotions and gaining control of the behavioural functions of the body.

Harnessing nervous energy gives you courage. The adrenaline rush can hype you up and enhance your performance. The nervousness can also help you make the right decisions under tremendous pressure in life and training for these situations through mock activities in school helps. Theatre, public speaking, dance routines, musical recitals, sports tournaments, debates are all ways to understand and harness your nervous energy and channelise it to succeed. The journey from “Can I?” to “I can” begins at school and we will teach your children to be confident and say “I can” every time life throws a curveball at them!