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Shifting focus: Why play?

Children need a lot of physical activity in their development. These benefits are not limited to physical fitness but have a large role to play in the character building of children. Studies have proven that children upto age 12 need atleast 60 minutes of moderately vigourous physical activity such as sports.

Sports are a fun way for the child to be physically fit and healthy. It improves the metabolism and supplements muscular and bone development in children. It also makes active living a habit and is the foundation of physical health in their adult lives. This has a direct link to cardiovascular health, obesity, memory, better balance and coordination. Additionally, it is a much needed outlet to all the boundless energy of childhood and can help your child sleep better and have a good day cycle.

Sports is also essential in the development of social skills, responsibility, sportsmanship, negotiation, interaction, teamwork, dedication, tenacity, accepting failures, learning from experience and critical thinking. It brings about a sense of belonging to a team which is essential in a professional setting as well as a community.

Parents have the responsibility to ignite the passion and support your child in sports. There is a possibility of intense pressure on the child to perform and win, which should be avoided. Instead, the lessons of learning from the past and accepting defeat and victory in the same stride has to be taught. Monitoring of the time spent doing sedentary activities like watching TV or using the computer/phone is just as important.

Remember, it is their childhood to live, their game to play and their achievement.