Envision High

Schooling approach - The Envision way

Envision High is where the foundational character of every child is built. Our academics must be geared to develop multiple facets of learning and development in our children.

The Envision way

Envision High is an idea nurtured by years of proven experience with children and parents. This idea began with a collective of play- schoolers blooming into happy and smart children. The blending of time-honed techniques of learning with ingenious methods of instruction was inherent and intrinsic to this journey. Add to it a high level of accountability and conversation between the school and the parents, and a lasting belief that life is a judicious mix of reality and positivity, learning and questioning, academics and life lessons – you have the genesis of Envision High, a growing idea and a new one that envisages being like no other.

Envision High combines simple techniques of the one-to-one pedagogy of ancient traditional education systems with modern methodologies. We have CBSE syllabus delivered in the XSeed education format from Singapore – the best of what we treasure as proven teaching methods, with the progressive ways of future-enabling techniques.

Children will be inspired to always ask why, and teachers will, by choice, give answers that nurture reasoning, observation, and the precept behind the theory.

This is the Envision way of learning and is made possible by Envision 4
– our foundational building blocks


First we begin with recognising that every child is different and preserving that endearing diversity in personalities and competencies is of paramount importance for development


Then we map the child’s specific needs and ensure our well-conceived curriculum is delivered in easy-to-handle portions. This is enabled by teachers who are selected and trained to identify the intellectual, emotional and problem solving skills of the student. 


Followed by establishing an unobtrusive way of assessment; that which encompasses the various all-round skills of the student – language ability, mathematical bent, nature loving aptitude – that drive the student to explore and be constantly curious about everything around.


Lastly cultivate the awareness that comes about with a smart personality and presentation.

Art imbued humanities

Teachers will be storytellers, puppeteers , animators, and digital artists to create lively learning experiences to enable children to pursue their intuition, ideas and interests

  • Storytelling as Meaning Making Not Fact Telling
  • Classroom as Theatre
  • A ‘play’ learning environment to shift the power to the learner
  • Nature connectedness: Gardening
  • Great Conversations: Debating-reasoned argument as an art
  • Handcraft to cultivate socio-economic sensibility
  • Nurturing the traveler-geographer
  • Poetry as play, as self-expression and self-healing
  • Civic & Service Consciousness
  • Aligning the Global with the Local
  • Performing Drama
  • Sketching: Painting: Photography: Print making



Preschool is an early education environment in which children incorporate learning with playing in a program run by highly trained adults. The emphasis here is on the learning and development of the child. Preschool education is responsible for providing education before the commencement of statutory education. It is the foundation for the future of the children. ​The proliferation of preschool education can be connected to advances in developmental psychology. At Envision High, the preschool environment offers experiences, educational, social, and other basic needs that unfortunately may not be satisfied in the home.


In Pre-school, pre-math and pre-literacy skills are taught. Children are taught numbers and letters, but in a manner that applies to children at that age. Children sing an alphabet song while watching in a picture book or practice rhymes and songs that enable them to hear distinct sounds inside words. Teachers read children’s stories to promote their listening, understanding, and expressive language skills. Matching games, sorting games, and counting games are building children’s comprehension of numbers and series. Putting puzzles together helps children to notice similarities and focus on problem-solving skills.


Kids learn better through things that they find fascinating, such as music, story-time, and creative play. Preschool is not about gaining academic success; it’s about developing a well-rounded kid who needs to learn and challenge their environment. We at Envision High encourage our children to explore through activities. Our pre-schoolers are very active as their activities involve physical movements. Along with being fun, these activities also ensure the personal development of the children.


  1. Activity-based learning
  2. Experiential imparting of the world around them
  3. Language orientation: Storytelling , show & tell by conceptual understanding
  4. Observationfoundations – what happens and why;
  5. First steps into literacy – the alphabet, objects, colors, molding of the tongue and the diction
  6. Early math-logic and literally putting two and two together

Primary School


In primary school, children can learn how to improve their social and emotional growth. Children learn how to compromise, to be respectful, and to solve problems. Primary school provides an environment for children to explore, gain a sense of self, play with peers, and build confidence. Children learn that they can perform tasks and make decisions without the help of their parents. At this age, children dream of achieving everything they can. Our children learn how to convert their dreams into reality.


Primary education is the first formal education a child receives. Here, programs are ​typically designed to provide fundamental skills in reading, writing, and listening and to establish a solid foundation for learning. The key goal of primary education is to raise consciousness among children, to open up opportunities along with self-development, and to minimize intergenerational poverty. This is the first step in the growth of welfare and community. Primary education is an out-and-out requirement for continuous growth. For these children, we follow the XSEED Singapore curriculum. This ensures a holistic development in the children. This way they acquire skills, which many children their age only dream of.


Young children are more inclined toward activities than textbooks. Our activities involve children utilizing their creativity to the fullest. These activities not only entertain the children but also give them a sense of responsibility.


  1. Inquiry-based learning
  2. Ask them why – provoking the mind and the ability to question and find the answers on their own
  3. Explorationleading to discovery, conceptual clarity and the basic understanding of concepts and patterns in the world
  4. Why read, how to write and what to make out of the written word and the very concept of comprehension
  5. What is a problem, how is it relevant, how to search for a    solution, how a problem can have multiple solutions – problem solving as a mind-set
  6. Language by interest, not rote; Language capabilitiesspread across the gamut of reading, comprehension, writing and storytelling
  7. Numbers, calculations, graphic representations andprogressively bringing in more concepts in math, science and the wondrous journey of physical and life sciences,social sciences and familiarizing the student with basicconcepts of history, geography and moral sciences
  8. Life skills

High School


High school education ​is considered the second and final phase of basic education​. The goal of this education is to teach children to survive adulthood merely. They understand that they are members of society. To be complete, they must be responsible and mature. High school education teaches children to face real-world practice. Inculcating values becomes more difficult at this stage as children are exposed to the real world and come across all kinds of situations.


The specialization concerning the subject the children choose is taught to them with a higher practical use of knowledge so that they learn to function in the adult world comprehensively. We follow a rigorous curriculum for children in high school so that they don’t feel scared and can compete diligently out in the real world. This is the age where children start focusing on their careers. With the curriculum at Envision High, no child’s dream ever remains a dream. We make them capable of achieving everything they ever dream of.


The specialization concerning the subject the children choose is taught to them with a higher practical use of knowledge so that they learn to function in the adult world comprehensively. We follow a rigorous curriculum for children in high school so that they don’t feel scared and can compete diligently out in the real world. This is the age where children start focusing on their careers. With the curriculum at Envision High, no child’s dream ever remains a dream. We make them capable of achieving everything they ever dream of.


  1. Depth& Breadth-based learning
  2. Competitive Exam Frameworks
  3. Empathy
  4. Advanced Programming technologies
  5. Positive communication skills
  6. Perseverance
  7. Internally motivated, responsible, self-directed
  8. Employability bridge courses
  9. Leverage their own strengths and strengths of others to accomplish common goal
  10. Questioning, wonder, discovery and take responsible risks to discover new ideas
  11. Exhibiting problem solving Skills
  12. Innovate, brainstorm, develop multiple possible solutions
  13. See the Big Picture

Our Outcomes

Individual scholars

Children measure their performance in accordance to their own goals and charter their career path independently. Some have learnt the beauty of math through art while some have found in art, the symmetry of physics.

A leader for everyday

Our children are ready to embrace change, lead it and tackle any challenges thrown at them. They start every day with a fresh page and use their learning to make impressions.

Frameworks, not Boxed solutions

Our children don’t have template solutions; they have frameworks that allow them to think about a problem in a 360° manner and come up with creative solutions.

Head start

From clearing competitive exams, to winning sports competitions to leading their career paths, our children have a head start across all aspects of life.

Values for life

Our children do not graduate with a herd mentality; they each have a value system that has been nourished and evolved over time and will abide by them through their lives.