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Preparing for school- How to get your child ready to return to a new year?

We all feel the dread in the pit of our stomachs every Monday, after a relaxing weekend at home. Imagine the dread children will feel after two months of vacations! Here are a few tips on how to get your child excited to join school again!

  1. Friends: Meeting your friends after a long time is a wonderful motivation for school. Recounting the vacation fun and sharing the achievements of the summer is a great incentive to have!
  2. Learning: Warming their feet to the new curriculum can get your child excited to learn and explore, building the yearning to go to school again.
  3. Hobbies: Hobbies can be a great conversation starter and the child can share these with friends and teachers. Take up an art project that the child can take to school, let your kid have something to show for the time well spent.
  4. Food: It is not just adults who have a route from the tummy to the heart. Send something interesting in the snack pack for your child to enjoy and share with their mates!
  5. Achievements: Highlight and relive the last year’s achievements and the fun times they had doing them to pique the child’s interest in school.
  6. Set up a routine: In the last few days of vacation, set up a back to school routine to ease them into packing their bags, getting up early, showering, having an early breakfast and getting into school mode.
  7. Release the stress: There can be anxiety of returning to school. Talk to your child and help them with easing the stress. Show interest in school work to bring a sense of belonging to school and being a part of the class.
  8. Ask, answer and encourage all questions: Answer and ask questions about what subjects the child will be having, what they will be learning, what is new in school and anything else that the child is interested in.

Easing your child into the learning and schooling experience can reduce a disruptive few weeks and help them get into the groove of school life. Being excited for school is important for the child to have a positive outlook towards it, which makes learning all the more fun. Happy learning and welcome back!