Envision High

Deeper Thoughts

By Sarath Vadakattu

The podcast tries to discuss what lies deep within us and what we may pass on as a liability to our next generation. Many real life consequences are discussed which will let you travel down your timeline.

Speaker is Mr.Sarath Vadakattu, a multi-award winning Edupreneur. He has been responsible for running a large chain of  preschools and is the Director of EnvisionHigh – The Future Plus School (K-12 institute with world class approach to child development). In this podcast, he shares thought provoking real life consequences which may initiate you to look inward!

Nurture the Naturalist

This podcast helps understand how nature is a very important aspect for children. Can you simply apply logic with nature? Listen on! Real life experiences that will help you understand Naturalist intelligence with ease.
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Are you Logicapable?

An introduction to Multiple Intelligences and how Logic is connected. Probably it could ring a bell as to why you felt Math as a subject hard or easy. This podcast also refers to life contexts where each one of us can easily relate to.
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Biggest Obstacle

Hope this Podcast helps in realization of what we have deep within us and what we can change for our children. I will try and make more podcasts which can help change our environment and create a better world for our children and all of us!
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