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Envision High is where the foundational character of every child is built. Our academics must be geared to develop multiple facets of learning and development in our children.

Parent Speak

(Parent of Aarav Abhinandan Grade 1)

Thank you for organizing a session on environment day. Aarav enjoyed it. I Liked the songs and videos. He was happy to sow a seed and water it. I am sure he will monitor and watch it grow,he is excited.

Mrs Divya Narsimham
Arun P and Rashmi Arun
(Parents of Aarush - Grade 2)

Hope this mail finds you in good health. One good teacher is much better than thousands of days of diligent studies. And at Envision high, we are able to see many such great teachers. We would like to appreciate the efforts made by the management, Principal maam and teachers for providing students with a different learning experience and the exposure given to them will certainly take them a long way. Including kalari, theatre in the curriculum adds one more feather to Envision High as no other school provides us with these co-scholastic activities.

Aarush loves all his classes and a special thank you to Rakshita maam for teaching Kannada with lots of fun. Kannada was a roller coaster for Aarush but now he has a lot of interest in learning the language. A big thank you to all the teachers for all your hard work . We just wanted to say that we are very happy about our decision of choosing Envision High over other schools. Once again a Kind regards.

(Parent of Aarav Abhinandan Grade 1)

Dear Ma'am,It's very thoughtful of you to go that extra mile and help children who need additional attention apart from the regular classes and help them get to pace. A special mention to the teachers for sparing their time and putting in additional effort in supporting management and parents for the benefit of children. Thank you

Mrs. Divya
(parent of Srinand Grade 3)

Excellent newsletter. Its very well planned out. Yet to read everything but it looks very professional. Thank you for all your efforts. All the classes are going well. Don't even have to say anything about teachers continuing from last year. They are absolute pros.I do want to thank Sandhya Ma'am for encouraging the students a lot. He even enjoys the 15 min interaction sessions with Priya Ma'am every day. That was a wonderful idea.

Mrs.Tissa Josep
parent of Serah and Hanah (Grade 4 & Grade 1 respectively)

Very good initiative. Kids were really happy to see their work displayed on the newsletter. Please do continue it every month. Teachers can ask the children to contribute to the newsletter.

Mr.Deepak Tripathi
(parent of Mohit Grade 2)

Dear team, We are really impressed with the engaging co curricular activities organised by the teachers and the efforts put into it. The news letter is a good depiction of all the wonderful work being done at the school. Keep up the good work and looking forward more such newsletters.

Mr. Ayub Pasha
(parent of Zoya Grade 1)

Dear Team Envision..we thank you for having this newsletter as a part of school activity. It adds wings in child to get motivated and do much more better than d last newsletter... Itz very interesting concept for child to be more creative..thank you teacher's and entire Envision Team.

Parent of Jaanya
Ms. Aparna
(Parent of Akhil- Grade 6)

We really loved the concept of Monthly News letter which actually encourages students to present their talent or skill along with lot of information. Please continue doing good work and appreciate all the efforts behind this task.

(Parent of Aarav Abhinandan - Grade 1)

To the entire team of Envision High, I would like to thank you all for your efforts and encouragement in putting up this beautiful event today. Myself and my family thoroughly enjoyed the entire show. I would like to thank Sandhya ma'am for giving an opportunity for Aarav to speak about Independence Day. We were informed well in hand, so we had time to prepare him for this day. Mr. Rupesh trained children so well in such a short time and also liked his performance at the end of the show. Kudos to all the kids who took part and performed so well. I appreciate the teachers, school management and everyone in the team for making this so special. Our children are certainly missing the school environment, however, you are trying to make it as interesting, entertaining and knowledgeable. Thank you for all the initiatives.

Ms. Divya
(Parent of Srinand Navele- Grade 3)

Excellent Independence day celebrations!! Chaitanya Ma'am's MC'ing was top notch. It was wonderful that all the children were represented through the dance videos. The little ones in the
costumes were adorable. Thank you so much for all your efforts..

Mr.Vinayak Raichur
(Parent of Satvik Raichur - UKG)

Dear Ma’am/Sir It was a very nice Independence day celebration today thank you very much.

Mr.Ayub Pasha
(Parent of Zoha - Grade 1)

Dear Team Envision, We are really very Happy to see our child Developing in the daily activity and curriculum. The child takes part in an activity to complete the work. Her expectations to be seen on the Newsletter are increasing every day. It’s a motivational Platform for the child to do better and better. Thank you dear Teachers for motivating and putting all your efforts to see the child complete the task. Thank you to the entire team of Envision High for making this event so wonderful.

(Parent of Meenakshi- Grade 2)

The Newsletter is truly impressive and provides a reflection of the activities over a month. It is splendid to see all the kids taking part in various activities and the school hosting various events for kids!

Mr Subramanyam
(Parent of Omnashree)
Mr. Ayub Pasha
(Parent of Zoha - Grade 1)

Dear Principal, It was a great privilege to have an interaction time with you. We really happy to be a part of Envision High. We thank all the teachers and Rekha ma'am for all the efforts they take up to see each and every child complete each work. All the teachers are very supportive and encourage the child in each step of their daily classes. Very thankful to Rakshita Ma'am for a fabulous job she's done and is doing it. Our child has learnt from nothing to so much in Kannada in very few days. and our Dear Rekha ma'am is just 24/7 for any queries. We are happy to be a part of Envision and would see our child flying with Many colour’s. Great Work Team Envision.

(Parent of Aarav Abhinandan - Grade 1)

Dear Teachers, Thank you for today's festival celebration. It was great to watch the gorgeous little Ashta Lakshmis. Praseedha ma'am efforts in preparing the character mock ups and narrating the story was great. Nirupama ma'am and her mother gave a lovely performance. It's been a long that I watched a live kaikottikali. I was so happy to watch. You all have given in your time to educate children about the importance and reason behind each festival.

(Parent of Aarav Abhinandan - Grade 1)

Thank you for this initiative. I totally agree that children should inculcate reading habits and the earlier the better. I will try to take some time out and sit with Aarav to help him read the book. I am very happy that you identify and consider all the aspects and work on scope for improvement and new learning. Thank you again.

Mr. Ayub Pasha
(Parent of Zoha - Grade1)

Dear Team Envision, We are Really very Happy to see our child Developing in the daily activity and curriculum.. The child takes part in activity to complete the work.Her Expectations to be seen in the Newsletter increasing. Its a motivational Platform for the child to do better and better..Thank you dear Teachers for motivating us and putting all your efforts to see the child complete the task..

(Parent of Aarav Abhinandan - Grade 1)

Dear Vaishali ma’am, Today’s class was very interesting. Plural of naming words.the presentation had such useful information and good examples of plurals in different forms.Could I request you to share the PPT if possible. It will be helpful for me to walk Aarav through when I revise today’s portion.

(Parent of Jaanya - Grade1)

Dear Mam, Thank you sooo much .You made my job very easy. I admire your hard work,your patience and your care for students .Thank you once again.Rgds,

(Parent of Srinand - Grade3)

Dear Mam, Thank you so much for your Newsletter advice about gratitude.The tip about writing down what we are grateful for was very timely.We plan to start it during the holidays.

(Parent of Srinand - Grade3)

Dear Mam, Once again, I would like to congratulate the Envision team for a wonderful Rajyothsava and Deepavali celebrations. Vaishali Ma'am was excellent in compering the Rajyothsava celebrations in Kannada and English. It's a late post, but she had also very nicely planned the Dussehra programme, explaining the Devis of the days along with the adorable children. Praseeda Ma'am and Priya Ma'am were wonderful as always. Thank you so much for continuing to build bonds through online celebrations. All the teachers put in a lot of eort which is greatly appreciated.

(Parent of Aarav Abhinandan - Grade 1)

Dear mam, Thank you ma'am, for remembering every little thing that children enjoy in the class and making it possible for them. I have noticed you do this also for all the requests made to repeat experiments and activities done in magic Monday sessions too.