Envision High


Teachers will be storytellers, puppeteers, animators, and digital artists to create lively learning experiences to enable students to pursue their intuition, ideas, and interests.

Individual Scholars

students measure their performance per their own goals and charter their career path independently. Some have learned the beauty of math through art while some have found in art, the symmetry of physics.

A Leader for Everyday

Our students are ready to embrace change, lead it, and tackle any challenges thrown at them. They start every day with a fresh page and use their learning to make impressions.

Frameworks, not Boxed Solutions

Our students don’t have template solutions; they have frameworks that allow them to think about a problem in a 360° manner and come up with creative solutions.

Head Start

From clearing competitive exams to winning sports competitions to leading their career paths, our students have a head start across all aspects of life.

Values for Life

Our students do not graduate with a herd mentality; they each have a value system that has been nourished and evolved and will abide by them through their lives.