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Online learning courses: Are you giving your child an edge or putting a sword to their neck?

The world and India especially is undergoing rapid population growth. This has caused a rat race to erupt for the best in class education, jobs and lifestyle. As a parent, we all want our children to come out on top in life, which is extremely essential now more than ever.

With the infiltration of smartphones into the grassroot level of the population, the number of people with access to technology has exponentially increased and aggressive marketing has allowed the influx of these online learning platforms. Over the last couple of years, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding these platforms as well.

These platforms aim to harness technology and provide your children with alternative learning techniques which are very effective in most cases to translate concepts and teach new skills. These skills can give your child an edge and supplement classroom education to bring wonders to the performance and ease of understanding, bringing about an interest in studies.

It is easy for parents to fall into the trap of thinking that these platforms can do wonders and ensure the performance of your wards. In some cases, these end up overloading the child and giving rise to performance pressure that can cause deeper issues in their mental health. There is a possibility that the child gets more screen time and less time for physical activities such as play which can also cause lifelong issues in physical, social and mental health.

A couple of things to remember is that your child has certain capabilities and you need to recognize and cater to these. These platforms cannot substitute for classroom education, nor can they substitute for you, so pay utmost attention to your child’s progress. Please find a good balance and have a critical evaluation of your child to decide if this is what they need and to what extent it is necessary.