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Making math fun- Alternative learning techniques for everyone

Maths is a polarizing subject in school. Some love it, others can’t wrap their head around it. However much you might dread mathematics, a basic understanding of maths is extremely essential for your survival in modern society.

There are a few different ways in which you can make maths fun. Engage in math games. Take up fun activities. Ask your child to divide their toys equally. Children are more likely to learn and remember through activities than through written exercises.

Understand your child and make maths personal. Find things that your child is interested in, like paying the money at a store and counting the change or understanding probability by tossing a coin. Let your child discover the beauty of maths through sports by keeping tabs on the scores. Making maths accessible and meaningful in their context, making it relatable can help build interest around it and improve learning. Ask your child questions, encourage them to ask you questions too. Don’t be exasperated by the questions of your child, instead, use them as a teachable moment. Bring maths into your everyday life and your child will learn.

Abacus classes, Vedic mathematics, mental mathematics are all various avenues for developing skills. To assist with classroom teaching, help your child to connect the dots and understand the mathematical operations based on whichof these techniques work. This connection will help them have a crossover between the classroom and extra-curricular activities, which will, in turn, aid in the understanding of classroom teaching.

Maths requires practice, but also requires understanding. We cater our curriculum and learning program for the holistic development of the child, finding maths in cooking and art in mathematics. This helps to reduce the burden and stress on the child and makes learning effortless!