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Learning styles- Auditory and Visual learners

It is a well known fact that each person understands and learns in a different way and effective teaching happens only when you speak the language of the child. Howard Gardner, a psychologist and educational researcher identified 7 different methods children use to learn and published them in “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligence” in the early 80’s. Of these, the most common are Auditory learners and Visual Learners.

1. Auditory Learning:

These are children to whom learning is an exercise in listening. They understand new concepts easily when they are explained out loud, even if they themselves do the talking. They also take up non verbal auditory cues to remember and retain information. A telltale sign of auditory learners is when they don’t understand, they ask you to repeat yourself. An auditory learner shines when things are explained to them. Envision High employs techniques that encourages the child to have conversations, to talk, to read aloud and to ask questions. These tools help make a rewarding learning experience for auditory learners.

2. Visual Learning:

Visual learners employ a different sense, the sense of sight to help focus and understand any concept. They learn from diagrams, pictures, bright colours and from demonstrations. Contrary to auditory learners, a visual learner will want you to show them how something can be accomplished rather than instructions on how to get to the goal. They are fascinated by colours and motion and gravitate towards art and diagrams. They will focus more on what’s on the board than what the teacher says to grasp something. These children need access to books with images and remember concepts by making associations to figures. Too many visual cues might distract the child’s attention and hence a quiet, non-distracting space has to be created for better focus. We at Envision High recognize and support your child learn by the use of visual aids, books, boards and encouraging the child to sketch and understand simple concepts.

Each child is different and we guide them to learn on their own terms. Enroll your child with us today. Log on to www.envisionhigh.in now!