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How to vacation at home through the pandemic?

The current global scenario of pandemic and associated lockdown has thrown parents into a tizzy. Children are at home, full of energy but no outlet in the way of camps or friends that can be accessed. We find ourselves asking the question “How to keep my children occupied today?”. Here are a few fun activities that you can take up.

  1. Games: Engage your children in new games, a treasure trove of gameplay can be found online, dive into it and find a few fun ones to engage your kids in. Jigsaw puzzles, jenga, clue, lego are all fun games that all age groups can enjoy.
  2. Projects: Take up small projects. The translation of effort into rewards is an exercise in innovation, patience and hard work all in one. Take up art projects, gardening, cooking or DIY. Join your children to get a rewarding experience for parents and children both!
  3. Learn a skill: Take up a new language, learn to sing, dance, play an instrument or writing. Let the creative juices flow and keep the gears from rusting. Maintain a good culture of learning on a daily basis.
  4. Read: Read to your child, read with your child or help your child read. Reading is a way to let imagination run wild as compared to watching something. Envisioning things is a skill necessary in the future and comes easily through reading, imagining and revisiting a scene.
  5. Watch a movie together: Although there is a debate with screen time for children, introduce your children to something you enjoyed when you were their age or discover something that they enjoy watching. Make sure you monitor the time spent on sedentary activities to ensure a balance among everything.
  6. Exercise: Your child has as much if not more energy than you. There is a need for an outlet for this energy and that can be from exercising. Have work out routines which are fun and engaging for your child and include them in your work outs.

Being away from peers and being stuck at home is a suffocating experience for us adults. It is unimaginably harder for kids. Make sure you monitor the behavior of the child and keep an eye for any signs of issues of mental health. Make sure the children are occupied positively and look forward to everyday. Happy Vacations!