Envision High


Envision High is where the foundational character of every child is built. Our academics must be geared to develop multiple facets of learning and development in our students.

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XSEED, Singapore

XSEED’s mission is to turn education globally; from reading to learning, telling to teaching. It promotes an iterative learning approach applied to students between the ages of 3 and 13, as the brain has the most flexibility to adapt and learn. With XSEED’s curriculum, students at Envision High are encouraged to

Arts and Humanities

At Envision High we believe that no two people learn the same way. Some learn their math through art while some learn critical thinking through technology. Hence, we do not focus on textbooks and tests. We bring art coupled with humanities to the students by ‘Reading the World’ to them. This simply means students are encouraged to use their imaginative & creative inquiry into what it means to be human. We ensure that our students use all their senses and faculties to discover and learn about the world. It helps them understand the world better, imbibes values that help them negotiate better with and thrive in it.

Key principles of our arts imbibed humanities

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Key principles of our arts imbibed humanities

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● Sketching
● Painting
● Photography
● Printmaking

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● Pottery
● Weaving
● Jewelry making

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● Film making
● Animation
● Creative coding

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● Theatres
● Music: Hindustani/ Carnatic & Western Vocal and Instrumental (Tabla/ Mridangam/ Violin/ Veena/ Guitar/ Drums)
● Dance: Bharatnatyam/ Odissi
● Martial Art: Kalari/ Taekwondo/ Taichi

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At Envision High, we don’t look at sports as ‘extra’ curricular, because, here they are an integrated part of the curriculum. Our students do more than just ‘play’ sports. They learn invaluable lessons of teamwork, strategy, empathy, and much more – values that prepare them for the future.

Outdoor Sports

Indoor Sports

Learning Tech

At Envision high, our students are prepared for the future – in a truly global sense. We start orientating our students across multiple facets of the most desired global skills like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. And this will be done using more than just books. We have designed innovative and creative modules to introduce our students to these future technologies. Our partnership with Smart Core Labs, a Texas-based technology education company, give our students a thorough grounding in areas like Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics among others while they also develop a comprehensive and creative problem-solving skillset.

Key principles of our arts imbibed humanities

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Teachers will be storytellers, puppeteers, animators, and digital artists to create lively learning experiences to enable students to pursue their intuition, ideas, and interests.

Pre School

  • Activity-based learning
  • Experiential imparting of the world around them
  • Language orientation: Storytelling, show & tell by conceptual understanding
  • Observation foundations – what happens and why;
  • First steps into literacy – the alphabet, objects, colors, molding of the tongue, and the diction
  • Early math-logic and putting two and two together

Primary & Middle School

  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Ask them why – provoking the mind and the ability to question and find the answers on their own
  • Exploration leading to discovery, conceptual clarity, and the basic understanding of concepts and patterns in the world
  • Why read, how to write and what to make out of the written word and the very concept of comprehension
  • What is a problem, how is it relevant, how to search for a solution, how a problem can have multiple solutions – problem-solving as a mind-set
  • Language by interest, not rote; Language capabilities spread across the gamut of reading, comprehension, writing, and storytelling
  • Numbers, calculations, graphic representations and progressively bringing in more concepts in math, science and the wondrous journey of physical and life sciences, social sciences and familiarizing the student with basic concepts of history, geography, and moral sciences
  • Life skills

High School

  • Depth& Breadth-based learning
  • Competitive Exam Frameworks
  • Empathy
  • Advanced Programming technologies
  • Positive communication skills
  • Perseverance
  • Internally motivated, responsible, self-directed
  • Employability bridge courses
  • Leverage the strengths and strengths of others to accomplish a common goal
  • Questioning, wonder, discovery, and take responsible risks to discover new ideas
  • Exhibiting problem-solving skills
  • Innovate, brainstorm, develop multiple possible solutions
  • See the Big Picture


Teachers will be storytellers, puppeteers, animators, and digital artists to create lively learning experiences to enable students to pursue their intuition, ideas, and interests.

Individual Scholars

students measure their performance per their own goals and charter their career path independently. Some have learned the beauty of math through art while some have found in art, the symmetry of physics.

Frameworks, not Boxed Solutions

Our students don’t have template solutions; they have frameworks that allow them to think about a problem in a 360° manner and come up with creative solutions.

Values for Life

Our students do not graduate with a herd mentality; they each have a value system that has been nourished and evolved and will abide by them through their lives.

A Leader for Everyday

Our students are ready to embrace change, lead it, and tackle any challenges thrown at them. They start every day with a fresh page and use their learning to make impressions.

Head Start

From clearing competitive exams to winning sports competitions to leading their career paths, our students have a head start across all aspects of life.