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Do we need quality teachers in the digital age?

The role of teachers has evolved more in the past decade than it had in the past century. With the influx of technology and access to the internet, schools, parents and kids are going digital. But how is this significant to teachers? Teachers were the one source of knowledge. They were the guardians to the gates of knowledge and the access to knowledge depended on how you would perform in tests. Today, anything under the sun is explained in hundred different ways on numerous platforms. The one thing that the digital age can never achieve is the one-to-one human interaction and this is something teachers bring to the table.

There are a few things that make a quality teacher. First off, they need to be master of their subject. Apart from the occasional question that they don’t know the answer to, good teachers are masters of what they teach. They are versatile. Their training and experience helps them discover the different techniques to explain a concept. A good teacher identifies what technique is best suited for your child and delivers in a way that your child understands the concepts better.

Good teachers are empaths. They connect to the hardships of the children and understand your child in a unique way that builds trust and bonds. They are also inspirational. Good teachers inspire your child to work, to put the effort and to think creatively. Having an inspirational teacher leaves a thumbprint on our entire life. Teachers are a rich source of resources that can help your child’s academic performance as well as their physical and mental wellbeing. The confidence and encouragement shown by a teacher to the student is a big boost to the child’s self-esteem and allows your child not just to dream, but to then work to make it a reality.

 Good teachers are absolutely essential for a society to flourish, because a school is not a place that only imparts knowledge, a school is a place where the character of your child, the interests and a roadmap to their entire future is laid out.