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Beyond the tunes- The impact of music on learning

Music is very rarely a part of the school curriculum in India, and even when it is a part, has been a far underappreciated and unstressed area. There is a pressing need to change this as music triggers emotions and births creativity like no other area of academics. Here are a few things you knew and a few others that you might not have considered about the far reaching benefits of music and why it must be an indispensable part of the curriculum.

  1. Learning to play an instrument improves cognitive abilities. Independent research has indicated a higher rate and extent of the development of neurons in people who play.
  2. The need to remember the notes, lyrics and sequencing helps boost not just the memory but also the capability to improvise based on experience.
  3. The ability to recognize and adapt to tempo, rhythm and patterns is one of the key skills in math learning and is closely tied to music.
  4. Performance of any art is a massive confidence booster and a melodious completion of a piece gives your child a sense of accomplishment.
  5. Musical training activates the same part of the brain that is connected to language learning. It is a tool to accelerate language learning.
  6. There are not many other activities your child can do that inspire creativity quite like music.
  7. Enhanced motor skills and coordination are essential when it comes to playing an instrument.
  8. The need for teamwork and how the synergy of many can result in a whole that is more than the sum of all its parts is evident through music. It also has the potential to improve the social interaction and social skills of your child.
  9. Music is a character building exercise. It births passion, teaches perseverance and gives your child a pathway on how to learn something in future.