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A modern take on education- the best of the past and present for the future

The first 6-8 years of a child’s life are most important to the development. Children of this age are like sponges that absorb everything that happens around them and a rapid development of their brain and personality occurs. It is also established that these years influence cognitive and psycho-social skills along with physical and mental health.

History books define the age upto 5 years as an age of lalayat, or indulgence as a means of learning, rather than the disciplinarian approach advocated for further years. This was implemented informally, largely through traditional games, tales, lullabies and a grandmother’s caring practices. The family structure largely contributed to the development of the child as the responsibility of parenting was shared by the entire household and the child would have a means to interact and develop these skills at all times as there was someone around at all times to give the child the attention it needs. Today, the structure of the household is increasingly nuclear and parents are depending on paid surrogates to take care of children due to various reasons that leads to a lack of quality informal education of the child.

Based on this, modern education strategies like Montessori education and Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) have come into the forefront. The goal of these programs is that the child receives a holistic education that focusses on developing basic linguistic, mathematical and cultural knowledge along with interpersonal and social skills, basic conversations and personal hygiene habits. The means to achieve this have evolved over time and technological advancements. Equipped with the knowledge and state of the art equipment is a huge advantage and the transformation of ECCE is underway at an exciting pace.

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